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OX Gallstones

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Cow Gallstones

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Cow Bezoar

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Calculus Bovis

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Niu Huang

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Cow Gallstones

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Bezoar |Ox |Cow Gallstone

Gallstones can form in a variety of shapes and sizes. They may be round, egg shaped, square or pyramid shaped or as tube from the bile ducts.
The value of individual stones is determined by dryness, colour, texture, size and whole and broken pieces. Whole, smooth, lustrous, golden specimens attract the highest price. Dark and pitted stones as well as stones with calcium inclusions(white) are of reduced value.

Packing and Delivery

The Cow Gallstones are thoroughly dried before shipping. Properly dried stones are brittle. Every precaution is  taken in the handling and packing to prevent breakage. Whole dried stones are individually wrapped in clean facial tissues then again in paper hand towelling. Parcels of OX Gallstone are be packed in a tin, such as milo, coffee or biscuit tin, with sufficient packing to hold the stones firm and prevent movement during delivery.

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#.Hand selected,no impurities,no pollution
#.Dried well by sunshine and natural wind before packing,no mould and worm holes,no sulphur.
#.Many active ingredients included in the bezoar,such as cholic acid,cholesterol,bilirubin and so on. 
They are used extensively in oriental medicine, particularly in the treatment of hepatitis and other liver and gallbladder related ailments.

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