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Benefits of CBD Isolate as a Manufacturing Ingredient

CBD isolate is one of the most popular manufacturing ingredients. For similar reasons to pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers desire standardised, pure ingredients of known potency. They also often want an ingredient with minimal flavour or smell (hemp extracts mostly have very strong flavour and smell) tasteless, This is easy to achieve with isolate but difficult using more other hemp extracts and CBD products.

The other big benefits of CBD isolate for manufacturing are convenience and ease of handling of a white crystalline powder, as opposed to CBD oils or distillate which are thick, dark highly viscous sticky liquids that will sometimes crystallise or solidify into a hard mass.  

As good analogy is baking a cake: you want sweetness and other qualities that sugar gives. You could use honey, molasses, agave syrup or a fruit juice concentrate but crystalline sugar is much easier to work with, easy to measure and is consistent and stable and won't overpower your cake with their flavour.

Benefits of CBD Isolate as a Commodity

Of all the factors influencing the popularity of CBD isolate, it's benefits as a commodity product are possibly the greatest.

Interest in the hemp/CBD industry is massive and growing, and many investors, traders, and brokers want to participate in the industry. While some of these are professional commodity traders, many are people who have had personal benefits from CBD, hemp and cannabis and want to contribute to the industry.

To easily buy and sell any product - be it oil, grain or pork bellies, some standardisation is necessary. There needs to be some expected grade and quality that allows both buyers and sellers to agree on requirements and price to complete transactions.

Because hemp and hemp extracts are inherently complex, and there are many different cultivars of hemp and grades of products - it is very hard to establish standard grades and prices.
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CBD isolate and other standardised products allow the development of a Hemp Exchange or marketplace where people can buy and sell similar items of standard quality knowing it will be what they expect.

This is particularly attractive because most buyers/sellers lack the scientific or botanical knowledge to assess more complex products. CBD isolate "dumbs down" hemp and CBD to the point that even commodity brokers can understand it!

Benefits of CBD Isolate in Consumer Products

The benefits of CBD isolate as a consumer product are a composite of all the above.

CBD isolate allows access to standardised doses of CBD with negligible THC for a wide variety of products.

Some popular products for which CBD isolate is desirable are:

  • Edibles, such as gummies, hard candies, chocolates, lozenges, mints etc (taste and flavour are especially important here)
  • CBD infused beverages including water, energy drinks, soft drinks, beer
  • CBD infused coffee, tea, herbal tea etc
  • CBD infused protein powders, protein bars and other sports food/beverage products
  • CBD infused cosmetic products, topical products etc
  • Water soluble CBD powder (aka "nano" or liposomal CBD = emulsified)
  • Water soluble CBD liquids 
  • CBD Capsules, tablets and other medical-type products 
  • CBD Vapes - hemp terpene infused (natural hemp flavours)
  • CBD Vapes - cannabis strain natural (non-cannabis) terpene flavoured (eg: OG Kush, ACDC or Durban Poison Flavour)
  • CBD Vapes - artificially flavoured (eg: coffee and cream or fruit flavours)
  • CBD Muscle rubs, liniments etc
  • CBD infused cosmetics and non-consumable products such as bath bombs

As you can see, CBD isolate is a very versatile and beneficial ingredient in the manufacture of a range of pharmaceutical, natural health and consumer products. 

When considering using CBD isolate as a manufacturer and consumer you should asses whether CBD isolate benefits outweigh some of the downsides, such as lack of the entourage effect.

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