How to Package and Ship your Ox/Cow gallstone

Besides buying the stones, the only cost of an ox gallstone business is in packaging and shipping them. Gallstones are very fragile, so it is important that you package them carefully to create as little movement as possible during shipping.

It doesn’t matter if they were in pristine condition when you packaged them if they show up in pieces or powdered.

The stones should be packed inside a cushioning material, such as tissue paper or bubble wrap. They should then be placed inside an airtight container and then packed in a small shipping box.

More materials should be placed around the airtight container to cushion it and keep it from moving or being smashed.

Always get insurance and a tracking number for your package. You should be able to see where it is during every step of the shipping process, which should only take about 3-5 days
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It will cost about $50 to ship a small package of 50 grams of gallstones, depending on the shipping methods and materials you choose. If you buy your 50 grams at $12, that makes for a total investment of $650.

If you sold those 50 grams of stones for $18 US per gram, you would make about $900. That’s a profit of $250.

You can increase your profit exponentially by sending larger shipments that increase the sales weight without substantially increasing the shipping costs.

Make sure that you understand the requirements of your preferred buyer carefully before sending off your package.

Some buyers have minimum weight requirements, and some ask that you include detailed invoicing and other information. Don’t waste more money on shipping and lose time by failing to follow the directions.

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