Procedures how to extract Ox Gallstones

Collecting Ox gallstones requires some work but it is also profitable. Below are the steps on how to extract the stones from a cow to how to ship the gallstones to us.

Gallstones are found in the gallbladder of cows, the ideal method of extracting gallstones would be during the slaughtering process. Removal of the paunch and liver together insures that the gallbladders and bile won’t get torn.

You will need three items: a bucket (container), a knife, and a screen or a sieve. The bucket will help collect the liquid that is in the gallbladder, the screen (sieve) will help collect the gallstones and the knife will assist us in penetrating the gallbladders. You can use whatever tools that suit you, but from past experiences these items or similar items will make extracting gallstones quick and productive.

On top of the bucket place the screen(sieve), with the knife slit the gallbladders. Pour all of the contents of the gallbladder over the screen and if the gallbladder contains gallstones, the screen will catch them, and the waste liquids will drain to the bucket. If you find any gallstones, place them in a separate container and once you have examined all of the gallbladders for gallstones, take the gallstones that you found and proceed to drying the stones.
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Drying and Storage

This is the most important part, dry the stones in room temperature and avoid direct sunlight, since it can cause the stones to darken, which will cause a decrease in the value.

The best way to dry the stones is to place them in a cardboard box poked with holes for air circulation and have the box by a fan indoors with no direct sun exposure.

Drying: Start by weighing the wet stones, write the weight on a piece of paper and then place them in the cardboard box under a fan. After a couple of hours weigh them again and write the new weight down, keep doing this till the weight of the stones is at a constant. Usually it will take near 6 to 10 hours for the stones to completely dry, weigh the stones every 2 to 3 hours and once the weight of the stones is at a constant, the stones are ready to be shipped!

If in some case you need to store the gallstones, place the stones in an open Ziploc bag,  have the bag in a dry area to insure that no mold is produced and have the bag’s mouth open to ensure air circulation.
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If you need more information, contact us and we will provide you with detailed information.

Packing and Mailing

Stones must be completely dried before shipping, properly dried stones are brittle and fragile. Since the stones are fragile, packing the stones should be done in such way that even if the parcel is dropped, the stones are still secure.

Stones should be packed in plastic containers such as the one showed above or any container that will protect the stones. In a container, place a inch thick stack of bubble wrap and then place the stones on top of the bubble wrap., After placing all of the stones, place another inch of bubble wrap on top of the stones and seal the container. Tape the whole container to ensure that it won’t open during the shipping process.

If the parcel does not rattle when you shake it gently, means that the package is good to go!

Place the plastic container inside of a cardboard box filled with shipping peanuts to ensure extra security.

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