Where to buy Ox Gallstones, Cow Gallstones, or Bezoar Bolus

Ox Gallstones, Cow Gallstones, or Bezoar Bolus. 

Gallstones are harvested when cattle are slaughtered. Their gallbladders are removed, bile is filtered, and the stones are clean and dry. The gallstone have a color ranging from golden-yellow to yellow-brown. The way a stone is variable and depends on how it is formed, becoming spherical, oval, triangular, tubular or irregular..

Use of Ox Gallstone

What is it for? ( ox gallstones uses )

In Eastern countries, bovine gall stone has been used as a medicine for over two thousand years because the bile bovine calculation reduces fever and removes toxic substances. Is often used in the treatment of fever, loss of consciousness, seizures, stroke, epilepsy and other diseases. The stone the gall is a type of gallstone that grows in a sick cow. When afflicted, the cow becomes lean, drink plenty of water, is too weak to walk and her eyes turn red. Eventually, she dies of the disease.
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Medical Use In Humans:

Medical use of Ox Gallstone in humans. 

Also in eastern countries, gallstones, or simply cholesterol gallstones can be dissolved, sometimes orally ursodeoxycholic acid, but it may be necessary for the patient to take this medication for two years. Gallstones may recur, however, once the drug is discontinued. Gallstones are collected and are used extensively in oriental medicine, particularly in the treatment of hepatitis and other liver-related diseases and gallbladder in humans. ox gallstones are also used in herbal medicine and fever reducers that serve to detoxify the body as well as used; sedatives, anti-inflammatories and antipyretics. in particular, they are used to treat liver.

Stones are traded in the following specifications:

100% whole stones
90% whole stones / 10% broken
80% whole stones / 20% broken
70% whole stones / 30% broken
60% whole stones / 40% broken
100% broken stones
100% ox gall powder

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