Natural Cow Gallstones/cow bezoar/ox gallstones

What we are discussing here, are ox gallstones and you can buy ox gallstones online cheap here. Gallstones are mineral deposits (and not of organic matter) mainly found in bovines gallbladders.

We make a distinction between different kinds of Ox gallstones, depending on their size, shape and colour, each of these holds a significant commercial value.

High Quality Cow Bezoar Ox Gallstones
Cattle Gallstones

Product Name:Natural Cow Gallstones

Shelf Life: Two years

Best Herb Medicine Natural Cow Gallstones cow bezoar ox gallstones
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1. Used for warm fever and pediatric fever stupor, convulsions convulsions embolism. Bezoar pure heart, cold liver, suffering from wind Zhijing, astonishment of the effect of God. Often with cinnabar, Scorpio, Uncaria and other compatibility, such as Bezoar.
2. For warm fever into the pericardium, stroke, wind, crazy pain and other phobias Hao Xin mind caused by the faint, stomachache, phlegm embolism. This product not only pure heart hot, but also phlegm, resuscitation wake up. Single use of this product is not, light bamboo leaching serving effect, such as the "secret table" rule baby mouth Jin Fang, or with musk, gardenia, berberine and other compatibility, qing qin phlegm, resuscitation awakening power, Such as Angong Niuhuang pills.
3. For the sore throat, ulcers and ulcer healing drug poisoning stagnation stagnation card. This product is detoxifying and detoxifying. Treatment of sore throat, mouth sores, often with skullcap, realgar, rhubarb equal use, such as bezoar detoxification pills; if the sore throat, ulceration, pearl can be used for the end blowing throat, such as beads scattered; , Milk rock, etc., but also with musk, frankincense, myrrh and other combinations to detoxify, promoting blood circulation Sanjie, such as rhubarb Huang Wan.

Package:   1kg per bag with double plastic inside and aluminium foil bag outside, or 25kg per fibre drum   with double plastic bag inside, or according to customers' requirement.
Storage:    Store in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.

Delivery:    2-5 working days after payment/FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, etc. 

Ox gallstones is usually sold in whole or broken with different in prices. Order whole/broken ox gallstone bezoars online from us at a competitive price, now is the right time to order whole/broken ox gallstone bezoars online here because we still have in stock a good quantity of both whole and broken gallstones and demands from customers is high. To order whole/broken ox gallstone bezoars online,

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