Natural Ox gallstones Cow Bezoar (Niu Huang) Wholesale price

Ox bezoars (cow bezoars) are used in Chineseherbology, where they are called niu-huang (牛黃) or calculus bovis. These are gallstones, or substitutes, from ox or cattle gall bladder bile.

What is bezoar?

In Chinese herbology, it refers to the dried cow gallstone of Bos taurus domesticus Gmelin or Bubalusbubalis Linnaeus, which is an animal in the family Bovidae. So, other name of it include Cattle Gallstone, cow gallstone, ox gallstone, Ox bezoars, cow bezoars, Bezoar from an ox, and so on. In China it is mainly produced in Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Hebei, and Heilongjiang. It is usually harvested when cattle is slaughtered. In this process if a mass found trapped in gallbladder, bile duct or common hepatic duct, it needs to filter out the bile, take the stone, remove the outer thin membrane, dry in the shade, and then grind into fine powder. Based on different locations, bezoar has 3 main varieties – Dan Huang (gallbladder bezoar), Guan Huang (bile duct bezoar), and Gan Huang (hepatic duct bezoar). And gallstones are generally believed with a better efficacy.

Natural bezoar stones are mostly ovoid, spherical, triangular or square, in various sizes, and 0.6 to 4.5cm in diameter. And a small number of them are tubular or fragmented. Surface is from yellowish red to brown orange; some are covered with a layer of black shiny thin film commonly known as “black gold clothing”; some are rough and warty; some have craquelure. It is lightweight, crisp, and easy to be layered and peeled off. Golden cross section sees finely concentric lamellae and some are with white core in the middle. It is faintly scented, bitter sweet, cool and refreshing, and fragile and non-sticky when being chewed.

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Natural bezoar contains bilirubin, bile acids (including cholic acid), deoxycholic acid, bile salts, cholesterol, ergosterol, fatty acid, lecithine, vitamin D, and mineral elements of calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, copper, magnesium, and phosphorus. Besides, it still contains carotenoids, alanine, glycine, taurine, aspartic acid, arginine, leucine, methionine, a variety of amino acids, and 2 kinds of peptides – SMC-S2 and SMC-F, which are the substances for the contraction of smooth muscles. Bilirubin is divided into 3 types, including free bilirubin, conjugated bilirubin, and bilirubin formed by covalent bonding.


Main Functions (1)Health care and tonic;(2)To clear heart heat and resolve phlegm,

(3)To dredge meridians,

(4)To cool liver and resolve toxins,

(5)Usually used for stroke, sore throat, spasm and convulsion.

Use For Medicine, food, spice, seasoning, soup, tea, herbal wine, beverage, gift, comestics, etc.

Please note that what we sell here is its whole part with round shape or triangle,or its powder.

  1. Hand selected,no impurities,no pollution
  2. Dried well by sunshine and natural wind before packing,no mould and worm holes,no sulphur.
  3. New collected plants to ensure all herbs you get is new and nutritional
  4. Many active ingredients included in the bezoar ,such as cholic acid,cholesterol,bilirubin and so on.
  5. Please ask your doctor’s advice before using any herbs for personally.

Packaging Details cow bezoar ox gallstones
Small customized package: 100g,200g,500g,as per buyer’s option
Bulk packing: 10-25kg/carton, or 25-50kg/pp bag.

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