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Enteroliths from the planet Mars [Cow Bezoar]

These three dinosaur egg-looking things are enteroliths (also called bezoars) from the stomach of one horse. What it is is essentially like a pearl that forms in the gut of a horse (or ruminant like a cow) around a foreign Read more

#11138 E | Tan & Black Corsican Ram Pedestal Taxidermy Shoulder Mount Sheep M[Cow Bezoar]


How now brown cow? [Cow Bezoar]

Hey, did I just call myself a cow? Anyway, this is about wearing as much brown as possible. S5A cashmere/cotton cardigan – remixed Talbots silk top – thrifted in Kansas City vintage rayon Franck Oliver pants – remixed Aerosole ballet Read more

Weezer Vinyl Manufacturing [Manufacturers]

Video Documenting the process on manufacturing the (Red) Album. Shot on a Sony HVR-Z1U at Stoughton Printing & RTI in California. You can also find the vid on Weezer’s news section “Karl’s Corner” here: http://www.weezer.com/news/ or Media here: http://www.weezer.com/player/default.aspx?mid=4521&bhcp=1 Manufacturers Read more

Bezoar goats, are found on Creta, and other Greek islands, in Turkey …[Cow Bezoar]


Goa Stone and Case – D7K 3081 ep [Bezoar Stone]

Goa Stone, India Mughal Period (1526-1858) Goa stones were manufactured by Jesuit priests living in Goa they are man-made versions of “bezoars” (a mixture of gallstones and hairs found in the stomach of dear sheep and antelopes) that. when scraped Read more