RETURN TO THE ROCK – An Ibex Adventure – Part 2 – TEASER [goat bezoar]

Trevon Stoltzfus returns to the Florida Mountains of southern New Mexico and continues his exciting quest to arrow a Bezoar Ibex on the ROCK in this long awaited sequel to “THE ROCK - An Ibex Adventure.” Experience this adrenaline rollercoaster, packed with the highs and lows of bowhunting one of the toughest quarry in North America in some of the most rugged and unforgiving landscapes in the lower 48 with “THE RETURN TO THE ROCK - An Ibex Adventure - Part 2” where Trevon Stoltzfus and his team try for a 2nd time to capture on film the harvest of this amazing and seemingly impossible goat. This Free Digital film drops 1st June on ….
goat bezoar

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