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Moon Bag too [gallstone]

Buhddist Temple Guardian. Hand dyed silk, appliqued and embroidered. Side two. gallstone 0.0 00

Tsubasa World [Bezoar]

Sakur by Bezoar Fai D. Flourite by Nor / A frog’s metamorphosis Shaolan by Petiot Ashura by Shinigamix Source: Tsubasa World My Links: Facebook / flickr / animexx / deviantART  / Twitter / YouTube / cuerography.com Bezoar 0.0 00

Frozen Butterbeer[Cow Bezoar]

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Gallstones Treatment, Diet, Causes & Surgery [gallstone]

Gallstones, also known as choleliths, involves the formation of solid particles within the body of a human being. Gallstones occur as a result of several reasons that are discussed below. The solid particles that form a gallstone could be small Read more