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BEE VENOM THERAPY Bee venom therapy (BVT) involves using bee stings to produce therapeutic effects in MS and other conditions.1,4 Some chemical constituents in bee venom could have anti-inflammatory effects and other actions that, in theory, could be beneficial for MS.1,4 However, it is not known Read more

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Medicinal Uses of Bee Venom Bee venom is made by bees. This is the poison that makes bee stings painful. Bee venom is used to make medicine. Don’t confuse bee venom with bee pollen, honey, or royal jelly. Other venom’s Read more

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Our bee venom extract is from the Apis mellifera who is also known as the Western honey bee or the European honey bee. The Apis mellifera belongs to the Apidea family and the Hymenoptera order. Hymenoptera venom is known to Read more