Where to buy Ox Gallstones, Cow Gallstones, or Bezoar Bolus

Ox Gallstones, Cow Gallstones, or Bezoar Bolus.  Gallstones are harvested when cattle are slaughtered. Their gallbladders are removed, bile is filtered, and the stones are clean and dry. The gallstone have a color ranging from golden-yellow to yellow-brown. The way Read more

Tips of how to Prepare your ox/cow Gallstones

Proper preparation of ox gallstones is essential to maximizing your profits. If you are retrieving the gallstones, you will need to know how to properly dry and store them. If you are buying the gallstones from an abattoir, you will Read more

How to Package and Ship your Ox/Cow gallstone

Besides buying the stones, the only cost of an ox gallstone business is in packaging and shipping them. Gallstones are very fragile, so it is important that you package them carefully to create as little movement as possible during shipping. Read more

Procedures how to extract Ox Gallstones

Collecting Ox gallstones requires some work but it is also profitable. Below are the steps on how to extract the stones from a cow to how to ship the gallstones to us. Gallstones are found in the gallbladder of cows, Read more

What Are Ox/Cow/Cattle Gallstones Or Bezoars Uses for??

To some, a bezoar may be some mythological property only used in wizarding potions. For others, they’re nothing more than a nuisance that should be disposed of immediately. However, to a certain market in Asia, bezoars, or ox or cow Read more