Manufacturing Consent [Manufacturers]

For my masters class Media Theory and Application, we were tasked to create a short explainer video about Chomsky’s book “Manufacturing Consent.” The purpose of my animation is to educate audiences about how the news is shaped/controlled by institutions/elites through Read more

Harry Potter Potion Bottles DIY + FREE Printable![Cow Bezoar]

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The Amazing Liver Gallbladder Flush (Patrick Timpone interviews Andreas Moritz) [gallstone]

Interview with Andreas Moritz – Natural Healer – Author of thirteen books including “The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush”. Hear Andreas make an eloquent argument why we all absolutely need to flush our livers to rid ourselves of stones – Read more

Desserts In Paris Grown Up Party[Cow Bezoar]

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Goa stone [Bezoar Stone]

Imported by the East India Company from Goa, this stone would have been extremely valuable. It was made of a mixture of musk, amber, resin, shell, crushed gem stones, and, most importantly of all, bezoar. The latter was a stone Read more

THE ROCK – An Ibex Adventure [Bezoar]

Some adventures call to you from far off places, but some call you back to where you started it all. Trevon Stoltzfus travels back to his roots and The Rock, or the Florida Mountains, in southern NM where the transplanted Read more

gif afbeelding[Cow Bezoar]

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Ghost Goats [goat bezoar]

Bezoar Goat Capra Aegagrus goat bezoar 0.0 00

AT&T Manufacturing [Manufacturers]

Client: AT&T Agency: Hearts & BBDO, Dallas & Organic, Dallas Creative Direction: Hearts & BBDO, Dallas & Organic, Dallas Animation & Art Direction: FOREAL Agent: Snyder New York Manufacturers 0.0 00